Urs Zollinger

Urs Zollinger, a Swiss citizen, obtained his Master’s degree in Economic Sciences from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, in 1992. Since then, Urs has gained a wealth of experience in international cooperation. As advisor and consultant since 2003, he particularly focuses on strategy development and evaluation. Key mandates include facilitating the elaboration of country cooperation programmes and conducting institutional and programme evaluations for international organization. Urs is very familiar with the functioning of the bilateral and multilateral development system. Besides, Urs has considerable practice in managing processes and is a valued workshop moderator, also moderating online workshop and meetings.

Before founding King Zollinger in 2003, Urs Zollinger worked with the UN division of the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs and represented Switzerland on the UNDP Executive Board (1999-2003). Earlier, he served in the UNDP Evaluation Office in New York (1997-1999) and gained operational work experience at the country-level with UNIDO in India (1995-1997). Before joining the international development community, Urs Zollinger obtained private sector experience as brand manager for Unilever (1992-1994).