UNFPA’s engagement in highly-vulnerable contexts

2017: Alison King conducted a meta-analysis of UNFPA’s engagement in highly-vulnerable contexts.

The purpose of the meta-analysis was to generate learning on UNFPA’s engagement in highly-vulnerable contexts with a view to improving future programming within the context of the UNFPA SP 2018-2021. Highly-vulnerable contexts is understood to encompass programme countries at high risk of a humanitarian crisis occurring as well as those facing and emerging from humanitarian situations such as natural disasters, epidemics and armed conflicts. The meta-analysis was based on (i) country programme evaluations (CPEs) of Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Haiti, Liberia, Myanmar and Nepal; (ii) a synthesis of the results of the six CPEs; and (iii) a wider circle of 25 UNFPA priority humanitarian countries.
Contact: Alison King