Training and Moderation (2006)

On several occasions during 2006, King Zollinger was again invited to conceptualize and/or moderate trainings, workshops and other events on topics related to international development and the United Nations. As in earlier years, we were asked to facilitate the mid-term review and annual programme planning processes of the SDC United Nations Development Division. King Zollinger also further developed and moderated for the second time SDC staff training in the role and functioning of the UN. In addition, we helped design and moderate an inter-departmental seminar on Swiss official relationships with UNESCO. Towards the end of the year, King Zollinger was represented on the oikos Winter School faculty at the University of St. Gallen. Currently, we are designing a two-day seminar on sustainability and globalization as part of a University of Berne certificate course on sustainable development (26/27 June 2007). Contact: Urs Zollinger