Delivering as One United Nations

2009: The UN Development Operations Coordination Office (DOCO) contracted Alison King to develop a standardized Delivering as One process Monitoring & Evaluation framework.

The primary intent of the standardized Delivering as One (DaO) process M&E framework is to guide the eight DaO pilot countries in developing their own country-specific M&E frameworks. The standardised log frame serves as a menu from which to prioritise based on a prior analysis of UN agencies’ common needs and capacities. Summarising the key elements of DaO, it serves to i) communicate the reform process and how the UN will deliver its contribution in future; and ii) allow the UN country team to track progress and adjust the focus of its reform activities. A follow-up assignment includes further elaboration of outcome indicators for measuring increased efficiency and effectiveness through common services and harmonised business practices. Contact: Alison King