Capitalizing on Experiences in Integrating Human Rights into Development

In 2006, SDC published its new Human Rights Policy which adopts a human rights-based approach to development as a strategic orientation. SDC asked King Zollinger to help facilitate the implementation of this Policy by organizing a capitalization conference for its staff and close partner organizations. In September 2006, over 80 participants from all over the globe came together in Thun, Switzerland, to mutually learn from their manifold experiences in integrating human rights into development and applying a human rights-based approach. King Zollinger helped SDC develop a vision and a concept for the conference, manage the preparatory process, consult various stakeholders, design the conference methodology and programme, coordinate the event, and finalize the conference report, including recommendations for implementing the new Human Rights Policy. The results of the capitalization conference were published in 2007. Contact: Alison King